Workforce Development

We are here to facilitate conversations about how to meet workforce needs.

We facilitated conversation between U.S. Space Command and aerospace and mechanical engineering to establish a formal, graduate-level program in space research that addresses needs identified by USSPACECOM.

"U.S. Space Command recognizes the incredible collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership opportunities the University of Arizona presents to our command and workforce," said Col. Doug Drake, U.S. Space Command Chief of Training and Education. 

In addition, we are ready to help you connect with current undergrad, graduate and post-graduate students seeking employment in your sector. University of Arizona students represent incalculable value and potential to society and our national security workforces. Our student body is robust, diverse, intelligent, and motivated to make a difference. 

  • 51,134 students enrolled for the fall semester 2022
  • 7,699 students earned bachelor’s degrees in 2022
  • 2,386 students earned master’s degrees in 2022
  • 993 students earned doctoral degrees in 2022
  • Our 10,444 students identifying as Hispanic made UArizona the nation's 2nd largest Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) for spring 2022. 
  • UArizona American Indian and Alaskan Native students earned more Ph.D.s than any other institution in the U.S. 
  • Our Hispanic and Latino students earned the 7th-most Ph.D.s in the nation.